10 Tips on How to Write Your Own Affirmations

I have used affirmations since my youth well before I even knew what affirmations were. I had a traumatic upbringing and I guess intuitively I created a few statements that help me pushed through when times were hard. It was when I was an adult, I learned that affirmations help us to keep a positive attitude about life and or/gain strength during difficulties. Now I purposely use affirmations to stay upbeat and focused on what I want out of life.

There are tons of free and paid resources for affirmations and it is a good start if you are new to this idea. YouTube is a great resource if your prefer to listen to affirmations. I have my own combo I use which includes reading them, saying them out loud, singing them out loud and writing them. I spend a lot of time in my car so listening to them in spoken or song form is my go-to on most days.

Writing our own affirmations makes them personal to us, which can then help us to get through our own individual situations. This takes it to the next level because the affirmations are exactly what we want to do/be/have. Create your own affirmations to get to the heart of what is important for you.

When you start writing your own affirmations, keep these 10 tips in mind:

1. Make them personal. When you write affirmations, it's important to remember to use "I" in them. They are personal to you after all.

Example: "I am worthy of a full life"

2. Use the present tense or my personal favorite natural tense. Affirmations are built in order to change our feelings now, which is why you want to stay positive and strong in this moment. When you use the past tense, you get nostalgic. When you use the future tense, you get hopeful. The present tense helps you feel the difference right now.

Present Tense Example: "I am wealthy."

Natural Tense Example: "Wealth is a natural part of my life."

3. Be down to earth. This just means to use your own style and try not to make your affirmations too formal. You want to capture your own voice.

Formal Example: "Presently I feel the urge to enjoy my existence."

In Your Own Voice Example: "I enjoy my life."

4. Be short. Affirmations are meant to be short, simple and sweet. Stay on target and make your affirmation a one-liner. If it's too wordy, try breaking it up into a few affirmations. Most importantly stick with one simple idea at a time. However, you can make sentences if they resonate with you.

Example: "I am in perfect health."

Example: "I am healthy, wealthy and wise."

5. Make it positive. Affirmations are positive statements, so avoid negative words like "not." You're using affirmations to make a life improvement and positive statements motivate you to make this improvement.

Negative Example: "I don’t want to be broke."

Positive Example: "I have an abundance of money."

6. Make it believable. You don't want your affirmation to sound like something out of this world. If it's not believable, you won't take it seriously and your subconscious will just dismiss it.

Unbelievable Example: "I have a trillion dollars in the bank."

Believable Example: "My bank account increases everyday."

7. Believe in the Power of Affirmations. When you say your affirmations, believe them to be true. Affirmations are truly powerful sets of words if you believe what you're telling yourself. Affirmations alone have been known to help people cure addictions. Women even use them during childbirth to help them stay calm and collected during natural delivery.

8. Write Them Down. Practice always makes perfect. Write down the affirmations you're feeling. Then go over the list above and make sure that your affirmations follow the rules. Once they do, start using your affirmations and feel the difference. Say your affirmations to yourself daily. Take deep breaths and keep your eyes on your goal.

9. Adjust Your affirmations if need be. These positive sayings aren't written in stone, so as you change, your affirmations can change, too.

10. Keep your affirmations in a place where you can see them. You can simply keep a list in your bag, or you can post them around the house. Paste them on the bathroom mirror, on your computer, or wherever you know you'll see them each day. Or do like me and do a combination of things. I have them posted all over and I keep a set of index cards with me.

Make a commitment to say them 2x/day for 30 days. When you say them stand tall and proud and repeat them aloud for at least 5 minutes. Affirmations can make all the difference in reaching your goals. Give them a try and enjoy the benefits these positive statements can make in your life. Let me know how they work for you in the comments below. Or email me at kindwords@shantehassel.com