4 Ways to Write Your Life Better. Keep it Simple with Pen and Paper.

Back to basics with this idea. Grab a pen and paper (no app or electronics needed) and start writing about your life. Use writing to create the life you want. Let's get into the how's.


It helps you to visualize your dreams and goals. Writing down your dreams and goals helps you keep track and writing them helps them feel more real. Like a real plan that you can work on. Otherwise, your ideas are just floating in your head. This is too easy not try and see for yourself.


Sometimes it is hard to figure out what you really want when you have a lot of emotions. Writing helps you process your emotions. Write down what is bothering you. When you do this you can solve many of your own problems and increase your self-knowelge. Understanding your own emotions will help you move forward in life.

A simple way to understand and come to terms with your emotions is to write down whatever it is that is bothering you.


Simply write a list. Write a list of everything you have to do, want to do and the things that are bugging you. Just getting these thoughts out of your head will give your brain space to do the next best thing. I am constantly creating list. I write them all over on whatever paper I can grab hold of. This keeps me from getting stuck on one ruminating thought.


Keep track of your progress. Being able to re-read these you get to remember the past including your thoughts and feelings. This allows you to gain understanding and insight. I wish I done more of this. Some of our accomplishments just kind of happen and we might know all the big milestones but it would be nice to be able to remember the little ones too. It can be a challenge to remember how everything added up. See this tool as a personal record keeper, family heirloom or even something you can share to help others in a similar situation. Moving forward I am going to make an effort to make a daily note of my wins even if it is just one word.