February Journal Prompts

This is such an awesome month. I'm talking love, Black History, National Bird Feeding Month, and yes, yes, yes National Library Month. I am celebrating the love of my family, who I am, and showing love to the birds and my local library. One of my favorite things to add to gift and raffle baskets is bird seeds. You can see how I package bird seeds in pretty bags and ribbons on the Wix App use code 3DYQ6A for access.

I am a supporter of my local library both in monthly donations and as a patron. I use the services and I am planning to volunteer there this year sharing my passion for writing. One positive thing my mother shared with me was her love of books. We went to the library often and that was the one place I never felt limited. I could get as many books as I wanted. Often taking 10 or more at a time. Books have guided me and comforted me. I read when I am happy, sad (even through tears), I read to relax, I read to get motivated, inspired. When I feel lost I know I can get centered at the library. I am very blessed to live in a county with a great library system. To live in a state with beautiful birds and greenery. Blessed to be a person of color and have a family to love and be loved. Happy February!

Here are 10 journal prompts to get writing. In my members area you can download the PDF of this months and last months prompts. For even more free prompts download my wix store app use code 3DYQ6A. Look in the forum section.

1. February is National Weddings Month – describe your wedding experience.

2. What is the most memorable wedding you went to?

3. Talk about a memorable Valentine’s Day from the past.

4. What do you plan to do this year for Valentine’s Day?

5. What is something you always wanted to do on Valentine’s Day?

6. Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day in big or small ways?

7. What are some of your favorite romantic movies?

8. What romantic TV shows do you love?

9. What is your favorite romantic song?

10. Do you like to read romance books?